What’s This Project About?

I’m reviving this site and this project but with a slight modification. For several weeks now- post election I’ve gone through all the stages of grief, I went into a cocoon of media silence and created space to think. I am finally, slowly, purposely climbing out and dusting myself off. I’m polishing my armor, sharpening my sword and preparing to act. What to do? How do you go to battle with a beast so seemingly powerful? So ugly? I was blind sided. I was shocked. The only thing to do, is DO something. My small acts combined with your small acts together will make a difference. We have much work to do. Let’s get busy.

My intent is to create something each day. Something “counter-trump.” A minuscule but heartfelt counterattack and neutralizer to his hateful and divisive message. I openly share and ask you to share with the same intention. Holly Near’s lyrics ring in my head

…”for to be hopeless would seem so strange. It dishonors those who go before me. Lift me up to the light of change.”

Like many I struggle to figure out what to do. So I start here. Creating. Using my skills. Determined each day to say out loud, “I don’t agree. This is not right. This is not the new normal. Hate will not win.” Our voices will grow as each of us contributes our skills and hearts. Our beautiful love inspired collective choir will overcome the hateful screeches of hate.



My intent is to be creative in some way every day. Consistency in working daily will be emphasized. I have a ton of art supplies. I have a ton of ideas. But, I find it a challenge to get beyond procrastination and perfectionism to just create something. So, I’m committed to work on something creative each day. I’ll do my best to share my sources, inspiration and lessons learned as others have done for me. I’m restarting this project for 2014. Going to do my best to take it through the whole year.


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