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12-5-14 Goat Farm Holiday Cards Arrived from Printer




  1. Decided to use photography this year on the holiday cards vs working up a drawing. I’m pleased with the results. The lesson is that photography is a valid artform!
  2. Realized as I was uploading the files for the cards that I could have an image or something inside for same cost. So, I added the picture of Tank and the baby goat. The inside is matte vs the gloss of the cover. I made the transparency about 75% inside to give us space to write. I think it came out nice. Wish I would have put something different inside for the text but it was the best I could come up with in the few minutes I had to think about it. So, next time I get cards made I’ll know to create both cover and interior.


I highly recommend  Overnightprints at www.overnightprints.com. The quality is good, price is fair and shipping is timely.

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