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1-11-14 Sticker and Doodles

The little refrigerator in my studio went out. It was covered with various stickers I’ve made over the years so I pulled all of them off and stuck some of them in my current sketchbook/journal. This is a logo I did for a goat show and I scribbled some doodles along side it. My muse is out at the moment so I’m just doing all I can to at least scribble some lines each day. Drawings are from watching a football game, watching birds at our feeder, copying from book on retro comics and then just doodles from my head. Took the picture with my web cam so quality not so great.


My muse is out and about somewhere… definately not working with me at the moment.


1. Got some cool bird feeders that attach directly to the window. It’s cool to have the birds come in so close. Got them here on Amazon for under $10.

2. Great book on retro cartoon characters called Cartoon Modern.

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