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1-2-14 Quick Waiting Room Sketch

Didn’t have much creative time today as I spent most of it in a waiting room of a hospital while my mom had some tests done. Typically waiting rooms are good for ‘people sketching’ but for the first 20 mins there were no people and then when a woman came in, we talked the whole time. This is a quick sketch I started the first few minutes I was there. It did give me a chance to use my newest favorite drawing instrument a TWSBI Mini fountain pen. I love this pen! It feels solid in your hand and is shorter than most fountain pens. Along with the pen I also have a huge assortment of ink samples that I got from a fantastic company called Goulet Pens. They offer 2 oz samples of ink so you don’t have to buy a whole bottle. I’ve gone crazy trying different colors and different brands of ink. Goulet Pens also has a monthly ink sampling called the monthly Ink Drop. It’s $10 a month and they send at least 5 samples. It’s always a surprise and so much fun to open the package and try out the new ink.



  1. I prefer sketching people when in waiting rooms. Drawing empty rooms, trashcans and doorways doesn’t motivate me. Having said that it’s always good to draw anything and drawing chairs and doors are a good practice for perspective drawing.
  2. The TWSBI Mini is a very nice pen to sketch with.


Goulet Pens

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